Native American Art

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Featuring Native American art by RC Gorman, Donald Vann, Virginia Stroud, Teddy Draper, Mark Silversmith, Dyanne Strongbow, Sheila Hill, Clifford Brycelea, and many Western artists, as well as Navajo sandpaintings, pueblo pottery, and Zuni fetishes by the Quandelacys, Gibbs Othole, Jeff Tsalabutie, and many others.
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R C Gorman

Chili a la Mode, original lithograph, R C Gorman

Lithographs and posters by Native American Navajo artist R.C. Gorman.
R. C. Gorman's, "Chili a la Mode"
21 x 28.5
Edition of 75

Native American prints

The Mystery, limited edition print by Donald Vann

Limited edition prints by Native American artists Teddy Draper, Donald Vann, Cherokee artist Virginia Stroud, Mark Silversmith, Dyanne Strongbow, Sheila Hill, and Clifford Brycelea, and many others.

Western and Cowboy prints

Teton Sentinels, limited edition print by Reid Christie

Limited edition prints and lithographs by Western artists including Reid Christie, Steve Forbis, Jack Sorenson, Jim Rey, Jason Rich, Chris Owen, Bob Crofut, Tim Cox, Milton Lewis, Claire L. Goldrick, Karen Noles, Maria Buchfink, and Mary Roberson.