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Frybread-simple food, complicated symbol in Navajo culture

Emil Her Many Horses, An Indian artist's traditional tribute honors Native American soldiers who served in Vietnam

200 Native American languages are dying out and with them valuable history

Beadworker Joyce Growing Thunder Fogarty

The Zuni Way

Virginia Morell, author of "The Zuni Way,"

Ted Draper, Sr., Code talker

We Walk In Beauty

Pottery by American Indian Women

Native American Woman Photographers

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Cushing and Zuni:The Concept of Made Being in Zuni Ontology. An exposition on Cushing's analysis of the concept of being in Zuni culture through its language.

Concept of the Sublime, or more specifically, "Essay on the Aesthetic Properties and History of the Concept of the Sublime in Philosophy and Aesthetic Theory". Relevant to art in general but in regard to Native American the concept is better illustrated elsewhere, e.g. "Zuni World View and Bibliography".

Dorothy Dunn and 'Primitive' Art, an essay on the stylistic development of Native American art under Dorothy Dunn at the Santa Fe school and her unique concept of the primitive as it pertains to art. Dunn seems to have been a bit more philosophical than anthropologists of her time.

History and description of Zuni fetishes. According to Frank Hamilton Cushing and the Second Annual Report of the American Bureau of Ethnolgy. Collectors information.

Sentiments of Frank Hamilton Cushing and others on Church and State, Zuni, and Assimilation.

Zuni Language Bibliography. A short essay on the Zuni language with a bibliography of sources.

Zuni Ontology and the Concept of Substance. Another short essay depicting Zuni substance through language and mythology.

Zuni World View and Bibliography. Several years of research invested at the time of its writing. At forty-five minutes reading time it is probably too long for the internet, and yet it is only a part of the original manuscript. The footnotes provide an important explanatory function for the body of the content, which tends to be vague in spots.

Indian Ledger Art. A guide to sources on the web relating to what is currently a popular subject in Native American art.

List of Native American Authors. Just a list with Native American authors names linking to their publications at I did the work. The info is yours. Page also links to many other referenced features.

Teddy Draper, Jr.- Artist Profile. Based on interviews with Teddy and some printed material he provided.

Virginia Stroud- Artist Profile. Based on interviews with the artist who also did the final proofreading.

Native American Art News. The old blog, or newsletter. Its address is also located at sister domain, is updated every week or two, and can only be accessed through the new blog. Contains headlines for articles concerning Native American art and other issues relevant to the culture up to December, 2006. Every edition also contains Native American stories and folklore, compliments of Blue Panther, Keeper of Stories.

Objectivity in Philosophy. This article is about nothing. While this may sound a bit Sartrean it simply means that it is an attempt to explain an indefinable concept. While its relevance to content on this site is limited, some questions of objectivity are pertinent to aesthetic appreciation, or art for art's sake as well as determinations of valuation. In regard to aesthetics, you should buy what you like (appreciate), but, you may buy with an eye to appreciation in determined value based upon some presumed objective function. However, if objectivity is supposed to be void of human individual perspective, emotion, and desire, then the value of such a detached notion is questionable, if not unlikely, especially in regard to art. Even the scientist may interfer with their own investigations. Thus, the win-win situation is where the multi-referential sense of the word "appreciation" is satisfied, and the objective function reveals itself as a collective notion where the best offer determines value, i.e. what someone is willing to pay.

Amerindian Arts Native American News and Information. Blog, or newsletter at sister domain and is updated every week or two. Contains tidbits from this site and news from around the web, featuring Native American art while leaving politics aside. It can be subscribed to in various ways.

Collector's Information. A page about us and containing information for the serious art collector.

DMCA and Publishing. An essay on the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, violations, citations, and publishing to the internet, article submission directories, and so on.

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