Collector's guides to Native American art

Collecting Native American art

American Indian Jewelry

American Indian Jewelry I: 1200 Artist Biographies (American Indian Art Series)
Gregory Schaaf/Hardcover/2003

Hopi Silver: The History and Hallmarks of Hopi Silversmithing
Margaret Nickelson Wright/Paperback/Published 2003

Indian Silver Jewelry of the Southwest, 1868-1930
Lawrence Phillip Frank (Author), Millard J. Holbrook (Author)/Paperback/Published 1997

Hallmarks of the Southwest (Schiffer Book for Collectors)
Barton Wright/Hardcover/Published 2000

Zuni Jewelry
Theda Bassman (Author), Michael Bassman (Author), Gene Balzer (Photographer)/Paperback/Published 2006

Turquoise Unearthed: An Illustrated Guide (Rocks, Minerals and Gemstones)
Joe D. Lowry (Author), Joe P. Lowry (Author)/Paperback/Published 2002

Fine Indian Jewelry of the Southwest: The Millicent Rogers Museum Collection
Shelby Jo-anne Tisdale/Paperback/Published 2007

A Guide to Indian Jewelry of the Southwest
Georgiana Kennedy Simpson/Paperback/Published 1999

Southwestern Indian Jewelry
Dexter Cirillo/Hardcover/Published 1992

Southwestern Indian Jewelry: Crafting New Traditions
Dexter Cirillo/Hardcover/Published 2008


The New Four Winds Guide to American Indian Artifacts (Schiffer Book for Collectors)
Preston Miller (Author), Carolyn Corey (Author)/Paperback/2006

Warman's North American Indian Artifacts: Identification and Price Guide
Russell Lewis/Paperback/Published 2006

Indian Trade Relics Identification & Values: Identification & Values (Artifacts and Collectibles)
Lar Hothem/Hardcover/2002

Antique Trader Indian Arrowheads Price Guide
by Jason Hanna /Paperback/2007

The Official Overstreet Identification and Price Guide to Indian Arrowheads 10th Edition
by Robert M Overstreet/Paperback/2007

Authenticating Ancient Indian Artifacts: How to Recognize Reproduction and Altered Artifacts
by Jim Bennett/Hardcover/2008

Ancient Indian Artifacts: Introduction to Collecting : Including Rowe's Glossary of Artifact Terms
by Jim Bennett/Hardcover/2008

A Field Guide to Stone Artifacts of Texas Indians (Gulf Publishing Field Guide Series)
by Ellen Sue Turner/Paperback/2002

A Projectile Point Guide for the Upper Mississippi River Valley (Bur Oak Guide)
by Robert F. Boszhardt/Paperback/2003

Stone Age Spear and Arrow Points of the Midcontinental and Eastern United States: A Modern Survey and Reference
by Noel D. Justice/Paperback/1995

Native American Basketry

American Indian Baskets I: 1,500 Artist Biographies (American Indian Art Series)
by Gregory Schaaf/Hardcover/Published 2006

Indian Baskets (Schiffer Book for Collectors)
Sarah Peabody Turnbaugh/Paperback/2004

The Fine Art of California Indian Basketry
by Brian Bibby/Paperback/1996

American Indian Basketry
by Otis Tufton Mason/Paperback/Published 1988, reprint of 1904 book

Indian Basketry Artists of the Southwest: Deep Roots, New Growth (Contemporary Indian Artists)
by Susan Brown McGreevy/Paperback/ Published 2001

Indian Basket Weaving
by Navajo School of Indian Basketry/Paperback/Published 1971, reprint of 1903 book

Indian Basketry
by George Wharton James/Paperback/Published 1972

Hopi Wicker Plaques & Baskets (Schiffer Book for Collectors)
by Robert W. Rhodes/Paperback/Published 2007

Navajo Rugs and Weavings

American Indian Textiles: 2,000 Artist Biographies : With Value/Price Guide (American Indian Art)
by Gregory Schaaf/Hardcover/Published 2000

The Navajo Weaving Tradition: 1650 to the Present
by Alice Kaufman (Author), Christopher Selser (Author)/Paperback/Published 1999

Genuine Navajo Rug: How to Tell
by Noel Bennett/Paperback Booklet/Published 2000

Navajo Rugs: The Essential Guide
by Don Dedera/Paperback Booklet/Published 1999

Blanket Weaving in the Southwest
by Joe Ben Wheat/Hardcover/Published 2003

Rugs And Posts: The Story Of Navajo Weaving And The Role Of The Indian Trader (Schiffer Book for Collectors)
by H. L. James/Paperback/Published 2004

Navajo Saddle Blankets: Textiles to Ride in the American West
by Lane Coulter (Editor)/Paperback/Published 2002

Navajo Textiles: The William Randolph Hearst Collection
by Nancy J. Blomberg /Paperback/Published 1994

American Indian Textiles: 2,000 Artist Biographies : With Value/Price Guide (American Indian Art)
by Gregory Schaaf/Hardcover/Published 2000

Pueblo Pottery

Southern Pueblo Pottery: 2,000 Artist Biographies With Value/Price Guide : C. 1800-Present
by Gregory Schaaf/Hardcover/Published 2002

Acoma & Laguna Pottery
by Rick Dillingham/Paperback/Published 1992

Fourteen Families in Pueblo Pottery
by Rick Dillingham/Paperback/Published 1994

Southwestern Pottery: Anasazi to Zuni
by Allan Hayes/Paperback/Published 1996

Talking With the Clay: The Art of Pueblo Pottery
by Stephen Trimble/Paperback/Published 1988

Hopi & Pueblo Tiles: An Illustrated History
by Kim Messier (Author), Pat Messier (Author)/Paperback/Published 2007

The Legacy of a Master Potter: Nampeyo and Her Descendants
by Mary Ellen Blair (Author), Laurence R. Blair (Author)/Paperback/Published 1999

The Pottery of Zuni Pueblo
by Dwight P. Lanmon (Author), Francis H. Harlow (Author)/Hardcover/Published 2008

Historic Pottery of the Pueblo Indians, 1600-1880
by Larry Frank (Author), Francis H. Harlow (Author)/Hardcover/Published 1990

The Pottery Of Santa Ana Pueblo
by Francis H. Harlow (Author), Duane Anderson (Author), Dwight P. Lanmon (Author)/Hardcover/Published 2005

The Pottery of Zia Pueblo
by Francis H. Harlow (Author)/Paperback/Published 2003

The Legacy of Maria Poveka Martinez
by Richard L. Spivey/Paperback/Published 2003

Zuni Fetish Carvings

Zuni Fetishes
Frank H. Cushing/Paperback/1999, Cushing's text is a reproduction of the Second Annual Report of the Bureau of Ethnology, 1883

A Guide to Zuni Fetishes and Carvings
Kent McManis/Paperback/1998

Native American Art

Native American Music